Monday, April 5, 2010


Guess what I got on the weekend!!!
2 new 'pots and pans' drawers,
and the 2 smaller drawers
on top!
The drawer and cupboard on the left
are original to the kitchen, but moved over a bit.
This is so exciting~once we decide on drawer and cupboard fronts~
he'll make mock-ups this week~I'll be able to put things away!
The end of the kitchen choas is in sight!
My new, beautiful Tagine is on the counter, seriously, you need to get one!
It is a total treat to cook with, and is beautiful to serve in.
I made beef bourginon on the weekend and am making a pork tagine tonight.
It is the best!

Friday, December 4, 2009

# 33~

I FELL at work yesterday! There was some water on the floor~we have a bucket of ice at the desk for filling ice bags~I didn't know and next thing, my legs flew out from under me and I crashed down on my left side! It happened so fast! All I could think was OMG,OMG, get up, get up~if I get up then I'm allright, OMG, is my hand OK,(I had hand surgery in March~my left hand, and I landed pretty much on my thumb pad, right where my surgery was!) OMG, OMG!!! So my hand is pretty sore and a little swollen over the site. And my neck. And my hip and leg are stiff. I'll recover! I'm so grateful that my hip or wrist weren't broken! And as for the ice bucket, it's been done away with. We'll go to the kitchen and get ice directly from the machine from now on.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

#32~My Birthday Girl...

18 years ago I was basking in the glow (read:exhaustion) of new motherhood! My beautiful girl turns 18 today! Sometimes it's hard to believe that my 5lb 14oz bundle of awesomeness has grown into such a gorgeous young woman, since it seems like yesterday that she was born. As if I just blinked and she's all grown up...

She's working today but I've taken the day off. There's cupcakes to be baked! And much remembering for me, of the last eighteen years of growing together.

photo by the talented Carol-Ann Loeppky

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I came home to new puck lights under the kitchen cupboards! The counter, sink and taps have been in for a few weeks~the kitchen is looking awesome! It needs a couple of new shelves in two of the cupboards. Tile backsplash and new cupboard doors will come later. We need to make a decision on the paint color. It's been awhile, but it's all coming together now!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


So the mister went in to work today~they've been working 2 hours O/T every night for weeks, plus 4-8 hours on Saturdays, the project is a bit behind! The site is on the sketchy side of town, and at the end of the day,he found his driver's side window punched in, glass everywhere and his tools missing. He had the parking attendant call the security guard, but they hadn't seen anything. Then the attendant (the same one) tried to charge him 6 bucks for his parking! Um, no. So we spent the afternoon cleaning up glass bits and taping poly where the window used to be. Hopefully his employer will help out with the tool loss...

Thursday, October 15, 2009

# 29~International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Day

I didn't know this day existed until a few days ago. Tonight, October 15th, candles are being lit at 7 PM in remembrance of babies who have died before, during, or after their birth. Truthfully, I lit a candle for my Levi a couple of hours ago, I'll just light more at 7.
[Awesome pencil sketch of Levi by artist Heather Spears]

Monday, September 28, 2009


Had fun at an out of town wedding this weekend! My wonderful friend B's daughter was married Saturday. The wedding was lovely. The bride was radiantly beautiful. My friend sewed most of the bridesmaid dresses and the jacket for her outfit. Every detail seemed perfect! The food was fabulous~can't remember when I've had such a yummy dinner! Just a totally fun night visiting old friends.

The spent the next day with my childhood best friend. It was great catching up! She is just as much fun as ever. It was so nice to have a weekend away. It had been ages and I won't be leaving it so long again!