Wednesday, May 6, 2009

#18~I'm castless!!!

My cast was removed yesterday! Now for some self-directed physio. The image of my right hand (lower photo) shows what I'm aiming for. The left hand shows what I'm able to do today.
Clearly, I have alot of work ahead of me!

Did everyone have a fun Cinco de Mayo? I made chicken enchiladas and key lime cupcakes with coconut swiss meringue buttercream~so, so yummy. Links to recipes will be on my baking blog:

Monday, May 4, 2009

#17~I've been tagged!!

I've been tagged by Gabrielle of 'summer picnic wedding'! So here are my answers to a long list of questions! Oh, I am supposed to tag 5 people, and my list is at the end!

what is your current obsession?
Hmm, I guess it would be finishing up the kitchen reno...

what are you wearing now?
milk and cookie pajama bottoms and a turquoise fleece sweatshirt~I'm all about comfort!

do you nap a lot?
sadly, no. I wish tho!

what is on your desk?
not actually a desk~it's a 'tv table'. laptop, coffee cup, a couple of pens. It's a small surface.

what would you like to learn to do?
good photography. intricate and beautiful hair fascinators. hat making.

what’s for dinner?
oh, the arsenic hour! I never decide til last minute! Bad, I know! Since my hand surgery, the Man has been doing most of the cooking. I prefer it that way!

what was the last thing you bought?
a very cool candle hanger thingy~round wooden hanger with glass inside for the candle. It can hang like a chandelier.

what is your favorite weather?
sunny but with a breeze so it's not too hot.

what is your idea of a relaxing day?
coffee on the deck, walk around the park, out for dinner, martinis on the deck..

what is your most challenging goal right now?
saving money, debt reduction

if you could have a house totally paid for, fully furnished anywhere in the world, where do you want it to be?
oceanfront view in Tofino or the Sunshine Coast

what would you like to have in your hands right now?
my income tax return!

what would you like to get rid of?
my cast!!

what languages can you speak?

what language(s) do you want to be able to speak?
cat. I'd like to speak cat.

what do you want to be when you grow up?
a make-up artist

what's one thing you're looking forward to?
finishing the kitchen reno and getting my cast off~but that's 2 things!

what websites you visit constantly during the day?
I wouldn't say constantly, but gmail, facebook, blogger

if you were to pick up a pen right now, what would be the
first thing you'd write?
a Mother's Day card for my Mom

if you you could be anywhere in the world at any point
in time, where would you be?
I'd be on the beach in Tofino

was the last movie you watched?
'On The Town' with Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra~yesterday. I love the old dance movies, esp Fred and Ginger

what is your favourite thing to make?
cupcakes, artichoke dip and blueberry-pomegranite martinis

Now, I need to tag 5 people!

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