Friday, August 28, 2009


I discovered the new, bigger version of my ring tonight when I took it in for a quick cleaning. Yowza! For a minute I considered asking what kind of a deal we could get if we wanted to upgrade! One great thing about my ring is that it doesn't have a high setting, and the bigger ring is certainly higher and would get in the way at work. Probably at play too! Really tho, I love my ring and we won't be trading up, at least not anytime soon, but it was tempting!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

# 24~I'm back....

Conversation 3 weeks ago:

long engagement groom: just got a haircut (he was vacationing, visiting relatives, I was at home)

me: how short?

l.e.g.: I shaved it all off...

me: cool! I just cut my hair short too!

l.e.g.: what? why'd you do that? I was joking!

me: I'm not!!! hahahaha!!

So a month ago I cut my hair short, and today went a bit shorter and had red and almost platinum streaks added! (I was very, very platinum blonde as a child)

I love my new look! What do you think?